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Garage door & Automatic Gates play a vital role in the lives of Americans today. As more and more garages are built attached to homes and also used for several activities other than parking the car, the good condition of the door became necessary. There are gates and garage doors in most businesses, including airports and malls, and most of them work with electric openers. Such systems are parts of everyone’s everyday life. With great experience in services, the staff at Garage door & Gate Solution knows well that malfunctions create more problems than just inconveniences. Although these heavy systems use to increase the security of the property, their good operation ensures the safety of the users. And that’s our goal with our garage door & Gate services but also new installations in Sun Valley.

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Garage Door Repair Services

There is a reason why we respond fast when clients need garage door spring repair or help with problems related to their overhead door opener reverse system. When springs snap, they become dangerous. Broken springs fly against walls and will hurt anyone standing in their way. The sensors have installation to activate the reverse system when someone passes under the descending the door. But the door must also stop when it comes in contact with an object or a person.

All parts of garage door systems must have proper installation in order for the system to work well. If the sensors don’t fit six inches over the floor, their eyes won’t see a small toy or the cat. And the door won’t reverse. But quick garage door opener repair services are also important. If the sensors are don’t align, they won’t reverse the door either. And that’s only one example of what can happen if the door and opener don’t have repair.

Garage Door Installation

One good reason why people invest in new garage doors is their property’s curb appeal. But such decisions are hardly easy. At our company, we don’t simply offer garage door installation. Part of what we do is offer advice so that each customer will invest in the right material and door. The looks of garage doors have transformation over the decades. These days, wood is not the only material for their construction. Steel and aluminum doors have become a norm many years ago and lately brands also use composite materials, which are highly resistant.

Gate Services

Gate repair is equally important

The gate system becomes easily unsafe when it is not installed or repaired right. Gate openers also have sensors so that users won’t be entrapped. But if they do not have frequent servicing, the gate might close on someone. If the swing gate hinges or posts have damage, the gate might not close well. Such problems occur when these systems are not fixed fast. The possibility of accidents gives us a good motivation for providing 24/7 gate repair.

Gate Installation Services

People interested in new gate installation often wonder whether or not gates can reduce crime. But there is much more that comes with installing gates. The safety of the people during emergencies and their daily convenience are also frequent questions. The fact that gate communities have shown a dramatic increase during the last decades is the answer to all questions. People wouldn’t install gates if they weren’t feeling safe and secure. But there is more to it. Gates provide the solution many people seek when looking for extra security measures, but people must select the right gate and opener, and invest in proper gate services.

Gate Repair Services

Invest in gate repair services

Gates provide a sense of security only when they have good installation and repair should they be problematic. A gate not closing right due to hinge, post, track, or opener problems won’t offer the same level of security. For this reason, any problem with the system must be instantly told to our team since we provide 24 hour electric gate repair in Sun Valley CA. But the effectiveness of gates becomes stronger when the system is put with intercoms. These systems might include cameras. This way, you can talk and screen visitors before you decide whether or not to let them in.

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